Westerville Cancer Center

In their continuing partnership with OhioHealth, Columbus Oncology and Hematology Associates (COHA) made the decision to expand their services to the OhioHealth medical campus located in Westerville, Ohio.

The facility is a 14,700 square foot clinic and infusion center that offers a variety of services and resources for cancer patients. These services and resources include, but are not limited to, infusion, physician practices, Cold Cap Therapy, compounding pharmacy, genetic counseling, and a survivorship program.

One of the goals of the project was to create a seamless experience for the patients’ obtaining services from either OhioHealth or Columbus Oncology and Hematology Associates. This was achieved by sharing registration and the waiting room between several clinics and using similar finishes between the spaces.

In the clinic, the exam rooms are located closer to the waiting room while staff and support spaces are located further away, creating a back of house respite area.  This layout reduces the travel distance for patients and increases the efficiency for the staff by having the support spaces close together.

The infusion space is a wide-open area with semi-private infusion bays.  The bays are located along the exterior of the building, taking advantage of the large windows and natural light. The nurse station is centrally located allowing visibility to the infusion bays and close access to the compounding pharmacy.


Columbus Oncology & Hematology


Westerville, Ohio

Project Size:

14,700 SF

Services Provided:

  • Planning
  • Architecture
  • Interior Design
  • Engineering Consulting