Team Based Care

Posted on July 14, 2017

Written by: Beth Klapp AIA, ACHA

The Team Based Care model, also known as Collaborative Care, is being proven efficient for both caregivers and patients in many facilities across the nation. Traditional models of care have promoted care “silos” consisting of physicians, nurses, assistants, and tech specialists each providing separate, and at times disjointed, protocols of care. In contrast, the Team Based Care philosophy brings all members of the medical team together in one shared “off stage” area. This team based methodology results in a more integrated, holistic approach to care that improves outcomes and reduces errors. The shared “off-stage” space concept combines traditional nurse stations and physician and staff offices into a centralized area for all team members to collaborate regarding their patients. For many new builds, this space can be located directly behind the exam rooms with separate entries to access patients. Therefore, staff can rely on each other for assistance and share ideas to provide the best possible outcomes for patients.

Team Based Care lends itself to the Lean Methodology. “Lean” is the philosophy of reducing waste and becoming more efficient. With the focus on patients in the “on stage” area, this model creates a more efficient use of time and space. The patients have less travel distance as they are no longer passing by staff areas and vice versa for the staff. These efficiencies allow for more time with patients, which results in better care for those being treated and better time management for those utilizing the facility.


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